The Start Of A New Transition Year

Each Year, about this time, a page is turned as recent high school graduates become incoming college freshmen and a new class of seniors emerge. For some this is just another lap around the ole school calendar, but for the students, parents, and mentors of the next class of high school seniors, this is the beginning of something new. It is the start of a new transition year. 

So, what is a Transition Year, you might ask? A Transition Year is a season of transition for students entering the last year of high school and preparing for the challenges and changes associated with graduating and beginning the next chapter of life. For these students, their parents and friends, this is a very important step towards adulthood. Transitions are hard, at any stage, but this first major life transition is not only difficult to navigate, but also very important as it will set the pace for future life decisions, relationships, and direction. This is why TheTransMission was founded in 2010 by author Tommy McGregor. The goal of TheTransMission is to guide students, parents, and mentoring leaders in such a way that it prepares kids for life after high school, through resources, events, and online materials in the form of three blog pages, one for high school seniors, another for parents of seniors, as well as mentors of those students. It is our hope that you will partner with us as we work together to guide, equip, and  prepare students for the adventure awaiting them after high school graduation. 

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