Case study

Building awareness and trust among similar software companies.

Software AG is a software company that connects enterprises through APIs, integrations, and IoT.

The challenge

Software AG is too big of a company for people in North America not to know their name. But as CRO, Scott Little said, “70% of the Fortune 1000 use us. Still, we’re the least well-known billion-dollar software company in the world.”

Adding to this challenge is the fact that they had multiple taglines and subbrands that made it even more difficult to create lasting brand awareness.

The solution

We launched a new campaign that focused on the seamless connections Software AG helps modern enterprises achieve. This was manifested through the tagline “Seamless Is More” and striking visuals that would seamlessly connect images of two unrelated industries — from fashion to manufacturing to high tech — into one coherent image.

Then through paid media, social selling, and sales enablement, we created a “surround” media strategy aimed at engagement and leads. The campaign was such a success it is now being used as the foundation for their global branding campaign.

The results of this campaign are amazing. It has influenced how we go to market this year in a transformative way.

Laura Talley, VP of Marketing, Americas, Software AG

The results

The results

The results