B2B Brands

We build B2B brands that are creatively distinct, to drive future demand.

When you partner with us it’s about brand AND demand. Not one or the other, nor one then the other.

Brand building success today is not just about hitting the next target. It’s not a project. Your brand strategy must be effective over multiple time horizons; a north star that distinctively:

  • Reaches far across audiences and prospects, continuously building brand awareness over many years
  • Guides campaigns that nurture brand consideration and power demand generation
  • Influence the always-on pulse of everyday experiences and activations

Transmission are B2B brand strategists, purpose developers, and awareness drivers. Our approach is rooted in data intelligence and infused with the principles of behavioral science to inspire memorable propositions and stand-out creative grounded in emotional truths and authenticity.

It’s proven across a broad spectrum of B2B companies, whether their markets are national, international, or global. It’s about building distinctive, valuable brands in the hearts and minds of employees, prospective buyers, and shareholders.

Whatever your B2B branding challenge or opportunity, Transmission brings clarity, inspiration, and ultimately, results.

Brand research

We shape and run B2B brand research and assessment initiatives to understand audience perspectives and explore challenges, issues, or needs that are key for long-term brand and business success:

Brand portfolio audit, awareness tracking, and sentiment analysis

Stakeholder/executive alignment workshops

Customer, influencer, and employee insights

Market change, issues, and trend evaluations

Competitor benchmarking

Brand strategy

Using research insights, we craft a clear and powerful brand strategy that connects audience behaviors and beliefs with your brand goals and purpose. We get to the heart of what you stand for and what makes you unique to improve brand authenticity, differentiation, and engagement results.

Brand platform creation

Creating clarity on brand purpose, values, promises, and personality.

Brand architecture

Mapping out how corporate brands, sub-brands, and products relate and how the portfolio is presented to the market.

Proposition development

Developing key external and internal positioning narratives and manifestos that drive culture, growth, and loyalty.

Creative development

Conceptual brand theming ideas to improve awareness and stand out.

Messaging frameworks

Development of key brand messages personalized to different personas, industries, or stages of brand engagement cycle.

CSR strategy

Prioritizing issues and setting ambitions to improve the way your brand adds value to society and the environment.

Brand Identity

We’ll bring your brand identity to life through a compelling visual language and design system that stands out from the crowd and is fully ownable across print, digital, and physical spaces.

Naming, tagline, and logo development

Creative identity

Brand stationery, signage, and templates

Brand guidelines and digital brand books

Brand storytelling

Every brand has a unique story to tell that will inspire audiences and give them an emotional reason to care and connect. We’ll help you build and communicate personal stories that celebrate your brand origin, heritage, beliefs, culture, propositions, and experiences from the inside out.

Story discovery

Research, content planning, and conceptualization.

Story expression

Combining writers, filmmakers, photographers, and designers to tell stories in the most compelling and engaging way.

Story performance

Developing story-first lead gen, nurture campaigns, and sales tools, tracked and measured to optimize channel engagement and performance.

Brand engagement

We design emotional brand experiences that are meaningful and memorable to different audience personas and accounts, helping to drive awareness, influence behavior, and strengthen relationships.

Brand training tools and onboarding for leadership and employees

Brand launch planning and conceptualization

Brand launch events (virtual and physical)

Brand advertising strategy and media planning

Website development and page refreshes

Brand content creation and development

Examples of our B2B branding work in action

Deep Instinct

Raising Deep Instinct’s profile in the ultra-competitive cybersecurity space.

Dropbox Marketing Dynamix

Educating marketers on the full Dropbox Business proposition


Creation of a new brand platform, with refreshed guidlines and website.

HP Apollo

Repositioning HP in the minds of decision makers as an inspiring partner.