Case study

An internationally awarded branding campaign for HP’s first independent security brand.

HP Wolf Security provides the world’s most secure endpoints. Their suite of hardware, software, and services arms companies and individuals with the most effective tools to detect, protect against, and recover from continually evolving cyberattacks.

The challenge

HP, seeking to launch their first independent security brand, asked Transmission to create branding and campaign elements that would express unwavering strength, confidence, and constant vigilance.

The solution

Once the Wolf name was offered, our creative teams explored ways to convey these powerful qualities by seeking design inspiration for the Wolf Security logo in the worlds of high-end automative badging, superheroes, Spartan warriors, and sci-fi. The end result was a succinct, abstract badge blending a minimalist, head-on stare of a watchful wolf with clear angular elements of a Spartan battle helmet.

The distinctive HP Wolf branding campaign was internationally awarded in the Graphis worldwide design competition and gave HP Wolf a foothold in the competitive cybersecurity world.