Case study

A go-to-market strategy that drove demand, generated leads, and contributed to their pipeline.

Conduent delivers mission-critical services and solutions to businesses and governments. Giving efficiencies, cost savings, and long-term revenue growth.

The challenge

GDPR was starting to have a huge impact on businesses. Conduent was able to be of assistance by enabling organizations to meet their SARs obligations. But nobody knew about them.

The solution

We focused on large enterprises’ legal and compliance departments. We started with a blog shared on LinkedIn that explained the value of Conduent’s offering and used this to drive readers to a landing page. Using a variety of firmographic data, as well as keywords, job functions, and seniority levels, we sent targeted LinkedIn connection requests from the blog author’s account. With greatly increased connections, we followed up with highly personalized messages that would resonate with each individual, increasing the chances of prospects agreeing to a meeting. This was supported with paid social promoting the content, while Conduent’s Sales team was armed with a sales toolkit to promote the campaign on their own channels.

Working closely with our subject matter experts, Transmission were able to get under the skin of the market’s challenges and use that leverage to not only secure connections, but meetings with key decision makers and budget holders in a short timeframe.

David Cotterill, EMEA Marketing Director, Conduent

The results

The results

The results