Case study

Moving to an omnichannel approach with aggressive conversion targets.

VMware pioneers virtualization and delivers a uniquely consistent and secure platform for cloud and business mobility.

As VMware’s digital agency of record, Transmission runs dozens of concurrent campaigns across many countries simultaneously throughout the year. Here is one such typical example of our work.

The challenge

First, shift the focus of the original social strategy to a new, full-funneled approach. Second, engage the audience with an awareness campaign with content that adhered to VMware’s brand guidelines and their audience’s expectations.

The solution

The campaign’s creative approach was all about thumb-stopping creative. The awareness stage generated engagement for VMware’s network and security content. Videos and blogs educated the audience and made them receptive to targeting with gated content. The demand generation phase then promoted a co-branded Dummies Guide that would be familiar, trusted, and cover a relevant topic.

Since we implemented our current social demand generation strategy, we’ve experienced a significant increase in our social engagements and conversions over the last 6 months.

Mark Hill, Digital Marketing & Demand Generation EMEA, VMware

The results

The results

The results